Tool Spotlight: ArtistData

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Busy, busy, busy are the lives of independent artists. Dealing with social media interaction and marketing alone can eat up a massive chunk of your time during the day. Add to that the numerous event sites you need to post your gigs to, tracking information relevant to your business efforts, and so forth, and you can achieve overload. Fortunately there are numerous services out there to help ease these tasks, and for this article I want to look at one service that handles many of these tasks: ArtistData.

One of the major functions of ArtistData is to sync your status updates across the multiple social media networks. Now there are other services that let you do the same thing, and generally it is recommended to find the social networks you feel most comfortable with and only focus on them. But if you like being available to your fans in as many places as possible, ArtistData will make it easier on you to post the same update to your various social pages. Simply set up your login credentials for each network and let ArtistData handle the rest.

A second advantage of ArtistData is the ability to use the same syndication approach with your event postings. While you can readily find services to handle the status updates, there are far fewer services to handle event postings. Set up your profiles in ArtistData, put in the information for the event, and let ArtistData send it out to the many event services it works with such as Facebook and Eventful.

If those two capabilities were the only things ArtistData offered, then this wouldn’t be much of an article. But ArtistData doesn’t stop with just the status updates and event postings. You can use ArtistData information to update non-supported sites through the use of CSV (comma separated values) file uploads. ArtistData can also be used to automatically alert the local newspapers when you post a show for a city. If you choose to manage all of your shows from ArtistData, you can embed a calendar widget on your website to tie in your event schedule.

There are many options and capabilities that ArtistData offers, but I wanted to cover those that stand out the most in my opinion. Overall, ArtistData isn’t going to provide you with a magic button to handle tons of tasks. Instead it is simply a way to manage some of your promotional tasks more easily. With the basic features being free (and for many artists all they will need), the only investment you have in trying it will be your time.

James Higgins (295 Posts)

Professional guitarist and instructor based in Alabama; performance, songwriting, and recording. Atlanta Institute of Music graduate. Part-time blogger.

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