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Essentials For Going On Tour

When it comes to touring, the first things most musicians worry about carrying is their music gear. After all, you need your instruments, amps, microphones, cables, etc… if you are going to

Portable Guitar Tools for Simplifying the Guitarist’s Life

No matter how much you may try, every guitarist eventually has more equipment than they know what to do with. This can be a big hassle for guitarists who perform regularly, whether

How To Actually Make A Living As a Musician

Making money is a major focal point of most musicians. After all, what could be better than getting paid well for something you love to do? Unfortunately, too many musicians see it

Organizing Your Live Setup

Musicians seem to all suffer from the same problem at some point in their life: GAS. GAS, or Gear Acquisition Syndrome, is a problem for musicians while they are developing their sound and

Add College Town Gigs To Your Schedule To Gain New Fans

Playing festivals, cafes, bars, and other typical gigs are great for your career. But don’t forget about one of the best places to play and make money: college towns. Yes, you have

Get The Help You Need – Ask Your Fans For It!

For years artists have relied on their fans to buy CDs, shirts, and other merch for money. Artists have needed their fans to buy tickets to see them perform to raise money.

Tool Spotlight: Tourch for iPhone

With the widespread availability and declining prices of smart phones, there are few excuses to not own one. As an independent artist, having access to email and web on the go is

Does Size Really Matter? – The Ultimate Question About Your Audience Size

At some point, every musician dreams of playing in front of a crowd numbering in the tens of thousands. But does massive crowd size really matter for musicians anymore? What about for

How Can I Remember To Properly Promote EVERY Show?

Some musicians only perform once in a while and others perform multiple times during a single week. Wherever you fall in there, it can still be a bit of trouble to remember

How To Make Sure You’re Booking a Good Venue

It doesn’t matter how well or how poorly the music industry has done, booking gigs has always been hard work. Booking quality gigs at good venues is even tougher. Fortunately, nowadays we