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Get Moving and Get Things Done!

Let’s face it. Every musician has aspirations at some point of just making music for a very comfortable living. Unfortunately, achieving this takes a lot of work or an incredible amount of

Are Musicians Really Willing To Put Up With Shit Like This?

The majority of musicians have it hard. We have to handle all or nearly all business aspects such as managing finances, booking gigs, selling merchandise, etc…. All the while we still have

How You Can Prepare Now For Next Year’s Taxes As A Musician

Every year we have to worry about filing our taxes for all of our income. You get forms from employers and banks and figure out your deductible expenses. What about your music-based

How To Actually Make A Living As a Musician

Making money is a major focal point of most musicians. After all, what could be better than getting paid well for something you love to do? Unfortunately, too many musicians see it

8 Online Services To Sell Your Digital Products Easily

Selling merchandise is a major source of income for all working musicians. Since most music purchases these days are in digital format rather than the old school physical CDs, tapes, and so

Buffer Your Online Income: Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing

A vast majority of musicians will at some point in their lives dream of getting endorsed by an instrument or music equipment brand. After all, you’ll be getting paid to show off

Tool Spotlight: ArtistData

Busy, busy, busy are the lives of independent artists. Dealing with social media interaction and marketing alone can eat up a massive chunk of your time during the day. Add to that

Get The Help You Need – Ask Your Fans For It!

For years artists have relied on their fans to buy CDs, shirts, and other merch for money. Artists have needed their fans to buy tickets to see them perform to raise money.

Tool Spotlight: Tourch for iPhone

With the widespread availability and declining prices of smart phones, there are few excuses to not own one. As an independent artist, having access to email and web on the go is

Gumroad:The main service you should use to sell your digital music

When it comes to digital music sales, most artists tend to think first of Apple’s iTunes store, Google Play, Amazon, Wal-mart, and a few other major retailers. Generally the newer service Gumroad