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How To Make Sure You’re Booking a Good Venue

It doesn’t matter how well or how poorly the music industry has done, booking gigs has always been hard work. Booking quality gigs at good venues is even tougher. Fortunately, nowadays we

What Is A Stage Plot?

Stage plots are often an under-used resource by many artists. This is largely in part to the fact most artists don’t get asked for stage plots unless they are performing large-scale events,

Kickstarter for Musicians

By now you have surely heard of Kickstarter. If not though, then just understand that it is a significant crowd-funding platform. As independent musicians, crowd-funding through sites such as Kickstarter can be

Find More Time For Music In Your Busy Week – Time Management Tips For Musicians

There are only 24 hours a day here on Earth. Everyone gets the same amount. No more, no less. So when someone says they don’t have time for something, what they are

Making Money As A Musician Without Touring

Touring is a major source of income for musical acts, yet it is not the only way to make decent money as a musician. There are many other ways to make income

10 Commandments Of Independent Music Making

There are a lot of qualities that help make certain musicians successful while others fail to achieve success. Different artists also have different ideas of what successful means to them. Regardless of

When Do I Need To Worry About Music Licensing?

Covering another artist or band’s material isn’t much of an issue when you perform it live. After all, most venues already pay annual fees to BMI and ASCAP for the rights to

12 Questions To Ask Before Hiring That New Band Member

Hiring a new band member is, or at least should be, like conducting a job interview. After all, if you are serious about your band becoming successful, you need to have the

Changing Out Bands Members? – 5 Ways To Ease The Lineup Change

Having to fire a fellow band mate, especially when he or she is your friend, is never fun to do. Sometimes though, it has to be done for the band as a

10 Signs It’s Time to Quit Your Band

Last week we went through reasons why you might want to fire a band member. This week I want to look at reasons why you might just want to quit the band instead.