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How To Actually Make A Living As a Musician

Making money is a major focal point of most musicians. After all, what could be better than getting paid well for something you love to do? Unfortunately, too many musicians see it

Tool Spotlight: ArtistData

Busy, busy, busy are the lives of independent artists. Dealing with social media interaction and marketing alone can eat up a massive chunk of your time during the day. Add to that

Add College Town Gigs To Your Schedule To Gain New Fans

Playing festivals, cafes, bars, and other typical gigs are great for your career. But don’t forget about one of the best places to play and make money: college towns. Yes, you have

Get The Help You Need – Ask Your Fans For It!

For years artists have relied on their fans to buy CDs, shirts, and other merch for money. Artists have needed their fans to buy tickets to see them perform to raise money.

How Can I Remember To Properly Promote EVERY Show?

Some musicians only perform once in a while and others perform multiple times during a single week. Wherever you fall in there, it can still be a bit of trouble to remember

Kickstarter for Musicians

By now you have surely heard of Kickstarter. If not though, then just understand that it is a significant crowd-funding platform. As independent musicians, crowd-funding through sites such as Kickstarter can be

Building A Well-developed Setlist

It’s not enough to just go onstage and play your music to get the audience into it. You have to worry about all sorts of variables ranging from your stage appearance to

Shake Your Poster Maker! – Designing Gig Posters

So you finally got the gig you have been begging for. So what can you do to make sure it is more than just your friends and family that come to it?

Being Health Conscious While On Tour

It’s far too often we hear about performers being injured or ill while on tour and having to cancel dates or the remainder of the tour. In some cases this is from

How Do I Build My Fanbase When I Only Play Covers?

While there are great venues out there for original music only, there are even more that want bands/artists to play covers. Cover songs are a great way to draw in the attention