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Every artist can set out some shirts, CDs, stickers and such, but that doesn’t mean you only have to stick to those items. Many bands are now adding unique merch options to their product lists to catch the fan’s attention. You don’t have to get as crazy with it as KISS did with their “KISS Kondoms” but selling some “interesting” items can give you a boost in sales.

  • iPhone covers – Sure you can try selling phone covers for other phones, but let’s face it. The iPhone is the most widespread and easiest to ensure you will have a compatible case for.
  • iPad and other tablet covers – Like the iPhone, the iPad may be the most widespread but fortunately you also have fewer alternatives to worry about. Instead by focusing on the iPad and another popular tablet such as the Microsoft Surface, you can help spread your name even more.
  • Guitar Picks – These are a bit more common to see than the phone and tablet covers but we shouldn’t overlook them because of that. Offering up guitar picks for sale is a great way to expand your product line for cheap. Plus, selling guitar picks for $0.50 each or including one with any other item purchase is a great way to add a little extra. Another advantage is they are cheap to produce so you can readily give them away at shows without it hurting your wallet too much.
  • Coozies – Custom coozies are another inexpensive item you can add to your options. Because of their cost you can turn them into a very good profit item. Remember, koozies are not just for beers. Your younger fans can use them to keep their canned drinks cool as well.
  • Necklaces –  While you can leave your female fans to make their own necklaces with the guitar picks you give them, selling a pre-made necklace to them is even better.
  • Lighters – If you tend to have older fans or play in smoky bars a lot, selling your own custom lighters is a great way to keep spreading your word everywhere your fans go.
  • Wristbands/Bracelets – Remember the WWYD bracelets that started the craze? You would see them everywhere and now people are buying the same bracelet design for other things. Sell your own version to your fans for a good price, and you have another low cost merch option.
  • Sell other apparel – Don’t just limit yourself to shirts. Look into jackets and hoodies during the colder months of the year and skimpier shirts during the warmer months.
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