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Using Pinterest Rich Pins

While Pinterest may not be the foremost social platform musicians think of when it comes to promotion and fan engagement, that doesn’t mean it should be overlooked. Pinterest has grown quite rapidly

8 Online Services To Sell Your Digital Products Easily

Selling merchandise is a major source of income for all working musicians. Since most music purchases these days are in digital format rather than the old school physical CDs, tapes, and so

Record Everything! – Creating Tons Of Content For Your Fans

When you take your website, blog, social media sites, and other social network services you end up with a lot of places to create content for. Obviously this can seem like a

Releasing An Album: One Track At A Time

It used to be where releasing an entire album as singles was not cost effective. When tapes, CDs, and the like were the only way to distribute purchasable music, it didn’t make

Tool Spotlight: ArtistData

Busy, busy, busy are the lives of independent artists. Dealing with social media interaction and marketing alone can eat up a massive chunk of your time during the day. Add to that

How Can I Remember To Properly Promote EVERY Show?

Some musicians only perform once in a while and others perform multiple times during a single week. Wherever you fall in there, it can still be a bit of trouble to remember

Social Media Marketing Books To Help You Build Your Fanbase

The marketing landscape has changed over the years, and some of the biggest changes have occurred in the past decade. Social media has become the bulk of many people’s online time, and

What Could You Do In 6 Seconds? – Vine For Musicians

If you only had six seconds to make your point, could you do it effectively? Why only six seconds? Because that is the video length the new social service Vine allows you to create.

13 Content Ideas For Your Facebook Page

It is unfortunate there are many artists who treat social media to be more like social “advertising.” One of the worst things you can do with your Facebook page is only post

When Do I Need To Worry About Music Licensing?

Covering another artist or band’s material isn’t much of an issue when you perform it live. After all, most venues already pay annual fees to BMI and ASCAP for the rights to